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Mechanical Engineering Books
Mechanical Engineering Books
Mechanical Engineering Books

Mechanical Engineering Books

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Aaghaakouchak, A. A. (1989). Fatigue fracture mechanics analysis of ring-stiffened and simple tubular joints for offshore structures.

Aalam, B. (1984). Boundary integral equation analysis of the bending of thin plates: 414 leaves.

Abbas, A. S. (1983). Predicting the performance of heavy oil-fired combustors: 275 leaves.

Abbassian, F. (1989). Behaviour of simple and compound piles in saturated sand under horizontal and oblique pull.

Abbiss, C. P. (1984). Shear wave measurements of deformation properties of soil: 197 leaves, 12 leaves of plates.

Abbott, J. E. (1974). The dynamics of a single grain in a stream.

Abdalla, A. Y. and E. University of Leeds. Department of Mechanical (1981). Modelling chemical reactions in lean premixed methane combustion. Leeds, University of Leeds, Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Abdalla, K.-E. N.-E. (1979). Exhaust soot concentration from a direct injection diesel engine.

Abdel Nasser, K. G. (1980). Factors affecting the choice of mode for the journey to work.

Abdel Razik, M. H. (1991). Dynamic modelling of facultative waste stabilization ponds.

Abdel-Lateef, T. H. (1983). Buckling of stiffened plates subject to combined shear and compression loading: 353 leaves, 8 leaves of plates.

Abdelmeguid, A. M. (1981). Flow around ships' sterns: 185 leaves.

Abdih, H. K. (1990). Time and rate dependent extensions to the progressively fracturing solid theory.

Abdollahi, A. (1995). Numerical strategies in the application of the FEM to RC structures.

Abdul Hamid, A. H. (1986). Application of the quickest path approach to route selection.

Abdul Mihsein, M. J. (1981). Three-dimensional boundary integral equation analysis of stress concentrations: 304 leaves, 1 leaf of plates.

Abeliuk-Rimsky, R. I. (1987). Parameter identification in unsaturated flow and solute transport models: 350 leaves.

Abernethy, J. (1880). Address to the Department of Mechanical Science of the British Association. [London], Spottiswoode.

Abernethy, R. B., J. W. Thompson, et al. (1980). Measurement uncertainty handbook. [Pittsburgh], Instrument Society of America.

Abidat, M. (1991). Design and testing of a highly loaded mixed flow turbine.

Abi-Shaheen, S. A. (1979). Buckling of composite shells of revolution.

Abi-Zadeh, D. (1976). A non-linear digital simulation of the dynamic behaviour of a steam generator.

Aboutorabian, M. T. (1982). Response of structures to random excitation, Original typescript.

Abramian, M. and W. University of (1986). Experimental investigation of the volute-impeller interaction in a low specific speed pump: a thesis presented to the University of Waterloo in fulfillment for the degree of Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering. Canadian theses on microfiche = Thèses canadiennes. Waterloo, Ont., University of Waterloo.

Abrams, J. I., J. D. Stevenson, et al. (1972). Proceedings of a two-day Symposium on Structural Design of Nuclear Power Plant Facilities; presented. in cooperation with The American Society of Civil Engineers and The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, April 20, 1972 and April 21, 1972, Pittsburgh (Pa).

Abrate, S. and E. American Society of Mechanical, Eds. (2001). Design and manufacturing of composite structures, Elsevier.

Abrishami-Savjublagh, Y. (1990). Numerical computations of dispersed flow and gravity stratified two-phase flow.

Abudaka, M. (1989). Development of a high pressure abrasive waterjet for cutting operations.

Abu-Farsakh, G. A. F. R. (1984). Analytical and experimental study of buckling of composite shells: 274 leaves, 5 leaves of plates.

Abu-Sayf, A. (1976). The stability of stones in steep shallow streams.

Abushawashi, S. A. (1994). Finite element analysis of prestressed concrete cylinder pipes and soil-pipe interaction.

Abu-Teir, A. I. H. (1993). The effectiveness of concrete repair techniques and materials under static and cyclic loading.

Abuzid, O. (1994). Discontinuous finite element solutions for neutron diffusion and transport.

Aceves, S. M., S. Garimella, et al. (1999). Proceedings of the ASME Advanced Energy Systems Division, 1999: presented at the 1999 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition: November 14-19, 1999, Nashville, Tennessee. New York, N.Y., American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Acharya, M. (1975). Measurements and predictions of a fully developed turbulent channel flow with imposed controlled oscillations, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University.

Acharya, S. and American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Heat Transfer Division. (1994). Fire, combustion, and hazardous waste processing: presented at 1994 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Chicago, Illinois, November 6-11, 1994. New York, American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Action, E. (2004). Achieving smart, energy efficient office buildings through the supply chain: helping clients ensure smooth and successful procurement. London, Actionenergy.

Acton, O. and C. Caputo (1979). Introduzione allo studio delle macchine. Torino, UTET.

Adair, D. (1986). Turbulent flow in the vicinity of the trailing-edge of an aerofoil flap: 310 leaves, [4] leaves of plates.

Adamczak, S., P. H. Osanna, et al. (2001). Science report: Project PL-1: geometrical surface structure of machine parts: CEEPUS. Kielce, Kielce University of Technology.

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