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Mechanical Engineering Books
Mechanical Engineering Books
Mechanical Engineering Books

Mechanical Engineering Books

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Agarwal, R. S., P. L. Dhar, et al., Eds. (1998). Emerging trends in refrigeration and air conditioning, IIR.

Agarwal, R. S., R. N. Mittal, et al. (1990). Advances in mechanical engineering: proceedings of the Seventh ISME Conference on Mechanical Engineering, New Delhi, February 1-3, 1990. New Delhi; New York, Tata McGraw-Hill Pub. Co.

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Agelidis, N. (1985). Collapse of stringer-stiffened cylinders: 545 leaves, 11 leaves of plates.

Aghamohammadi, F. (1989). The prediction of the fish-tailing instabilities of a tanker at a single point mooring.

Agius, D. A., R. Hitchcock, et al. (1996). The Arab influence in medieval Europe. Reading, UK, Ithaca Press.

Aglan, H. A.-G. K. (1982). The probability of occurrence of a dust explosion: 276 leaves, 3 leaves of plates.

Agnihotri, O. P. and B. K. Gupta (1981). Solar selective surfaces. New York; Chichester, Wiley.

Agogino, A. M., M. American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Winter, et al. (1992). Design for manufacture: life cycle costs while improving time to market and product quality: presented at the Winter Annual Meeting of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Anaheim, California, November 8-13, 1992. New York, The Society.

Agonafer, D. and A. E. a. E. P. D. C. A. D. i. E. P. Committee, Eds. (1996). Application of CAE/CAD to electronic systems: presented at the 1996 ASME international mechanical engineering congress and exposition, November 17-22, 1996, Atlanta, Georgia, ASME.

Agonafer, D. and A. E. a. E. P. D. C. A. D. i. E. P. Committee, Eds. (1997). CAE/CAD and thermal management issues in electronic systems. ASME -publications- EEP; vol 23, ASME.

Agonafer, D. and American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Electrical and Electronic Packaging Division. (1997). CAE/CAD and thermal management issues in electronic systems: presented at the 1997 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, November 16-21, 1997, Dallas, Texas. New York, American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Agopyan, V. (1982). The preparation of glass reinforced gypsum by premixing and its properties under humid conditions: 247 leaves, 11 leaves of plates.

Agudat mehandese mekhonot (Israel) (1989). Mekhonot. Tel-Aviv, Agudat mehandese mekhonot: v.

Aguirre Saldivar, R. G. (1987). Two scalar probability density function models for turbulent flames: 281 leaves.

Ahmad, A. (1997). Handbook of optomechanical engineering. Boca Raton, Fla.; London, CRC Press.

Ahmad, A. (1999). "Optomechanical engineering handbook

Ahmadi Danesh Ashtiani, F. (1996). Seismic behaviour of steel frames with semi-rigid connections.

Ahmadi-Befrui, B. (1985). Analysis of flow evolution in the cylinders of motored reciprocating engines: 358 leaves.

Ahmed, A. M. Y. (1987). Investigation of the flow in an idealised inlet port/poppet valve assembly.

Ahmed, M. M. and C. University of Wales (1995). A comparative study of electrical and mechanical training provision for engineering techniciasns in the oil industry in Libya and Great Britain. Cardiff, Cardiff University.

Ahmed, S. (1993). Generation of problem dependent nuclear cross section data for fusion and fastbreeder rector applications.

Ahmed, T. M. A. (1996). The behaviour of alkali-silica reactive concrete under high point load and under cyclic loading.

Ahmed, Y. H. (1996). Toxic waste treatment by slag cements.

Ahuja, A. (1997). Integrated M/E design: building systems engineering. New York; London, Chapman & Hall.

Ainouche, A. (1981). Connectivity, independent sets and maximal circuits in undirected graphs: 192 leaves.

Akademie der Wissenschaften Berlin. Forschungsgemeinschaft der Naturwissenschaftlichen Technischen und Medizinischen Institute. [from old catalog] (1961). Elektrotechnik und Maschinenbau. Berlin, Akademie-Verlag.

Akaho, E. H. K. (1982). Burnout in clusters with odd and even numbers of peripheral rods: 275 leaves, 6 leaves of plates.

Akbary-Safa, M. (1992). Computer aided inspection in engineering manufacture.

Akturk, N. (1993). Dynamics of a rigid shaft supported by angular contact ball bearings.

Al Isa, M. A. H. I. (1995). Admixtures to reduce chloride ingress into concrete.

Al Rabeh, R. H. (1981). The theory and performance of electromagnetic flowmeters: 397 leaves.

Al-Abed, B. (1992). Creep/fatigue failure in a conventionally cast and directionally solidified industrial gas turbine alloy.

Al-Afandi, M. (1985). Sand reinforced by material with varying surface texture: 464 leaves, [28] leaves of plates.

Al-Ali, S. H. (1985). The optimal use of computer and manual methods in large scale surveying: 528 leaves.

Alankus, O. B. (1982). A versatile turning centre with multi-microprocessor control: 462 leaves.

Alavi Tabrizi, S. P. (1996). Jet impingement onto a circular cylinder. University of Liverpool, Thesis Ph.D.

Albach, P. H. (1990). Three-dimensional scattering of time harmonic elastic waves from axisymmetric surface indentations in a half-space.

Al-Bahadili, H. I. K. (1991). The implementation of particle transport Monte Carlo on parallel computer architectures.

Alberts, T. E. and A. D. S. a. C. Division, Eds. (1995). Proceedings of the ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Division, ASME.

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