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Mechanical Engineering Books
Mechanical Engineering Books
Mechanical Engineering Books

Mechanical Engineering Books

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Boulvin, J. (1898). Cours de mécanique appliquée aux machines: professé à l'école spéciale du génie civil de Gand. Paris, E. Bernard et Cie, Imprimeurs-Editeurs.

Boulvin, J. (1921). Calcul des organes des machines. Paris, Gauthier-Villars et cie.

Boumphrey, G. M. (1960). Engines and how they work. London, Vista Books.

Bourbousson, P. H. M. and R. Ashworth (1971). Basic engineering craft studies. London, Newnes-Butterworth.

Bourke, M. A. M. (1990). Residual stress measurement in engineering components by neutron diffraction.

Bowman, M. E. (1988). A robot mounted 3D vision system for a flexible manufacturing cell.

Box, H. R. (1962). Mechanical engineering in the coal mining industry, Draughtsmen's & Allied Technicians' Association.

Boxer, G. (1979). Applications of engineering thermodynamics: a tutorial text to final honours degree standard. London (etc.), Macmillan.

Boxer, G. (1987). Work out engineering thermodynamics. Basingstoke, Macmillan.

Boyce Mary, C., A. M. Division, et al., Eds. (1995). Mechanics of plastics and plastic composites 1995: Symposium on mechanics of polymers and polymer based composites: International mechanical engineering congress: Papers. ASME -publications- MD; vol 68, ASME.

Boyce, M. C., American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Materials Division., et al. (1995). Mechanics of plastics and plastic composites, 1995: presented at the 1995 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, November 12-17, 1995, San Francisco, California. New York, N.Y., American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Boyd, D. (1963). Mechanical Engineering Craft Practice. [With illustrations.]. London, Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons.

Bracalenti, U. (1948). Manuale dell'operaio meccanico ed elettricista. Roma, Perrella.

Bradbury Cyril, H. (1950). Stationary Compression Ignition Engines: principles and applications, etc. London, E. & F. N. Spon.

Bradbury, C. H. (1950). Stationary compression ignition engines: principles and applications; with a foreword. London, Spon.

Bradbury, C. H. (1950). Stationary compression ignition engines: principles and applications. London, E. & F.N. Spon.

Bradley Harry, C. and H. Uhler Eugene (1943). Descriptive Geometry for Engineers. Second edition. Scranton, International Textbook Co.

Bradley, D. A. (2000). Mechatronics: and the design of intelligent machines and systems. Cheltenham, Stanley Thornes.

Bradley, H. C. and E. H. Uhler (1943). Descriptive geometry for engineers. Scranton, Pa, International Textbook Company.

Braga, L. M. P. F. (1992). The description of fracture toughness of metals using resistance curves.

Braga, M. G. d. C. (1990). The vehicle drivers' perception of attributes of the road environment that influence safety at four-arm uncontrolled junctions.

Braithwaite, D. (1975). Savage of King's Lynn: inventor of machines & merry-go-rounds. Cambridge, Stephens.

Braithwaite, D. (1978). Savage of King's Lynn: inventor of machines and merry-go-rounds. Cambridge, Patrick Stephens.

Braithwaite, E. C. (1999). Davies' creation. Warrington, Horseshoe Publications.

Braithwaite, E. C. (2001). Davies' progress. Tarporley, E.C. Braithwaite.

Braithwaite, E. C. (2003). Davies' destiny. Taporley, E.C. Braithwaite.

Bram, G. and C. Downs (1975). Manufacturing technology. London [etc.], Macmillan.

Bramah, J., C. Robinson, et al. (1852). [Collection of engineering drawings].

Bramley, A. N. and e. Integrated design and manufacturing in mechanical. (2004). "IDMME '04: 5th International Conference on Integrated Design and Manufacturing in Mechanical Engineering: 5th - 7th April 2004, University of Bath, UK.".

Bramwell, F. J. S., W. T. Kelvin, et al. (1882). On some of the developments of mechanical engineering during the last half-century: a paper read before the Mechanical Science Section (G) at the fifty-first meeting of the British Association held at York 1881. [London], [Printed by Spottiswoode & Co.].

Brandao, C. C. S. (1990). Alum-cationic polymer interactions in the direct filtration of coloured waters.

Brandenberger, H. (1963). Formeln und Tabellen für den Apparate- und Maschinenbau und das Metallgewerbe. Rüti, Schweiz, Vebra-Verlag.

Brandon, J. A. (1990). Strategies for structural dynamic modification, Research Studies Press, 1990.

Braun, S. (1986). Mechanical signature analysis: theory and applications. London; Orlando, Academic Press.

Bräuner, L., L. Poulsson, et al. (1997). Mechanical properties of sitka spruce. Lyngby, Department of Structural Engineering and Materials, Technical University of Denmark.

Braven, K. R. d., V. Mei, et al., Eds. (1994). Heat pump and refrigeration systems design, analysis, and applications: Symposium: International mechanical engineering congress: Papers, ASME.

Bray, C. A. (1923). The Min[e] electrician; devoted to mine electrical and mechanical engineering. [Charleston, W. Va., Miller-Matthews publishing company.

Bray, D. E. and R. K. Stanley (1989). Nondestructive evaluation: a tool for design, manufacturing, and service. New York (N.Y.); London, McGraw-Hill.

Bray, S. (1987). Making small workshop tools. London, Argus.

Brazil. Escritório de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada. [from old catalog] and Grupo de Coordenação Indústria Mecânica e Elétrica. [from old catalog] (1966). Indústria mecânica e elétrica. [Rio de Janeiro?].

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