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Mechanical Engineering Books
Mechanical Engineering Books
Mechanical Engineering Books

Mechanical Engineering Books

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Goldstone, M. E. (1993). The behaviour and control of motor vehicle related pollutants in urban air.

Golias, J. (1981). Gap acceptance, delay and capacity for vehicles crossing a priority stream: 248 leaves.

Golzar-Soufiani, E. (1993). Hydraulic and aeration performance of triangular labyrinth weirs.

Gomes Kenneth, J., F. Braden James, et al. (1984). Mechanical fastening of plastics: an engineering handbook. New York, Dekker.

Gomiciaga, R. (1995). An experimental and numerical study of natural convection in cavities heated from below.

Gonzalez Vidosa, F. (1989). Three-dimensional finite element analysis of structural concrete under static loading.

Goodenough, G. A. (1911). Principles of thermodynamics. New York, H. Holt and Company.

Goodey, F. R. (1946). Costing in the Engineering Industry. Manchester, Emmott & Co.

Goodfellow, A. M. (1999). Response of architectural glass panels to blast loading. Liverpool, Thesis Ph.D.

Goodman, J. (1899). Mechanics applied to engineering. London, Longmans, Green.

Goodrich, S., S. S. Bentham, et al. (1847). The Goodrich Papers [archive]: 35 archive boxes + 9 folders.

Goodwin Michael, J., E. Staffordshire University School of, et al., Eds. (1995). Vibration and noise '95: International conference: Preprints, Staffordshire University.

Goodwin, G. C. and K. S. Sin (1984). Adaptive filtering prediction and control. Englewood Cliffs; London, Prentice-Hall.

Gordon, R. (1994). Mechanical engineering of the cytoskeleton in developmental biology, Academic Press.

Gorla, R. S. R. and A. A. Khan (2003). Turbomachinery: design and theory. New York, N. Y., Marcel Dekker.

Gorman, D. G. and W. Kennedy (1988). Applied solid dynamics. London; Boston, Butterworths.

Gorman, D. J. (1982). Free vibration analysis of rectangular plates. New York; Oxford, Elsevier.

Goryachkin, V. P. (1968). Sobranie sochinenii. Moskva, Izd-vo Kolos.

Gosman, A. D., B. E. Launder, et al. (1985). Computer-aided engineering: heat transfer and fluid flow. Chichester, West Sussex, England; New York, Ellis Horwood: Halsted Press.

Gostelow, J. P. (1984). Cascade aerodynamics. Oxford [Oxfordshire]; New York, Pergamon Press.

Gouvras, S. (1987). Optimization methods for public transport networks.

Grace, S. M., K. D. Frampton, et al. (2003). Proceedings of the ASME Noise Control and Acoustics Division--2003: presented at the 2003 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress: November 15-21, 2003, Washington, D.C. New York, N.Y., American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Graefe, P. W. U. (1970). Fast Fourier transform programs for the EAI 640 digital computer. [Ottawa, National Research Council of Canada.

Graham, F. D. (1921). Audels engineers and mechanics guide: a progressive series with questions-answers, calculations, covering modern engineering practice. New York, Audel.

Graham, F. D. (1959). Audels mathematics and calculations for machanics, a ready reference. New York, T. Audel.

Graham, F. D. (1963). Audel's mathematics and calculations for mechanics: a ready reference. Indianapolis, T. Audel.

Graham, F. D. (1966). Audels mathematics and calculations for mechanics; [a ready reference] by Frank D. Graham. Indianapolis, T. Audel.

Graham, J. C. (1994). Compressive performance of single carbon fibres in a polymer matrix.

Graham, N. J. D. (1983). Significance of filter pore particle flocculation in direct filtration: 249 leaves, 6 leaves of plates.

Gramberg, A. (1914). Technische messungen bei maschinenuntersuchungen und im betriebe zum gebrauch in maschinenlaboratorien und in der praxis. Berlin, J. Springer.

Gramm, H. (1943). Tafelsammlung und Hilfsbuch für Maschinenbauer, Mechaniker, Werkzeugmacher und andere Metallarbeiter. Wittenberg, A. Ziemsen.

Granet, I. (1980). Thermodynamics and heat power. Reston, Va, Reston Pub. Co.

Grant, A. A. and C. Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Fluid Machinery (1993). Bearings for pumps, fans and compressors: papers presented at a seminar organized by the Fluid Machinery Committee of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and held at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers on 14 October 1993. London, Mechanical Engineering Publications, for IMechE.

Grant, J. W. (1917). Watt and the steam age: concise history of the art of steam navigation, mechanical and marine engineering, paddle and screw steamers; reciprocating engines, steam-turbines and electricity. London, [s.n.].

Grashof, F. (1875). Hydraulik nebst mechanischer Wärmetheorie und allgemeiner Theorie der Heizung. Leipzig, Verlag von Leopold Voss.

Grashof, F. (1883). Theorie der getriebe und der mechanischen Messinstrumente. Hamburg, Verlag von Leopold Voss.

Grashof, F. (1890). Theorie der Kraftmaschinen. Hamburg, Verlag von Leopold Voss.

Grashof, F. and J. L. Weisbach (1875). Theoretische maschinenlehre. Leipzig, Verlag von Leopold Voss.

Graton & Knight Company. (1945). Mechanical packings manual; a handbook on leather and synthetic rubber packings. Worcester, Mass., Graton and Knight company.

Gray, J. D. (2002). Non-Newtonian scaling of blood flow in a femoral bypass. Liverpool, Thesis Ph.D.

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