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Mechanical Engineering Books
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Zaras, J., K. Kowal-Michalska, et al. (2001). Thin-walled structures: advances and developments: third International Conference on Thin-Walled Structures. Amsterdam; London, Elsevier.

Zarimpas, N. (1985). Modelling in-plant aspects of nuclear reactor accidents: 146 leaves.

Zarrati, A. R. (1991). Studies of air-water mixtures for spillway aerators.

Zdravkovic, L. (1996). The stress-strain-strength anisotropy of a granular medium under general stress conditions.

Zeid, I. (1991). CAD/CAM theory and practice. New York; London, McGraw-Hill.

Zeising, H., W. H. Ryff, et al. (1708). Heinrich Zeisings Theatrum machinarum: so in sechs Theil bestehend. Leipzig, In Verlegung Friedrich Lanckischens Erben.

Zeitouni, K. (1988). Philosophical and analytical studies to describe the behaviour of structures undergoing linear and non-homogeneous creep.

Zelbstein, U. (1986). L'univers des machines, de l'électronique, des automates et des robots, ou, La grande aventure des hommes qui ont contribué à leur création. Paris, A. Blanchard.

Zeldman, M. I. (1984). What every engineer should know about robots. New York, M. Dekker.

Zelikin, M. I. and V. F. Borisov (1994). Theory of chattering control with applications to astronautics, robotics, economics, and engineering. Boston, Birkhauser.

Zerban Alexander, H. and P. Nye Edwin (1952). Steam Power Plants. Scranton, International Textbook Co.

Zhang, L. C., G. Lu, et al., Eds. (2003). Engineering plasticity from macroscale to nanoscale.

Zhang, X. (1995). Estimating speed and direction of road traffic movement using image analysis.

Zhao, W. (1989). Reliability analysis of fatigue and fracture under random loading.

Zhao, Y. (1991). Numerical modelling of random wave propagation in the nearshore region and associated currents.

Zheng, H. (1990). In-process quality analysis of laser cutting.

Zheng, L. (1992). Bahaviour of dowelled and grouted precast concrete column connections under reversed loading.

Zhongguo ji xie gong cheng xue hui. Sheng chan gong cheng zhuan ye xue hui. Da hui (1988). Beijing guo ji sheng chan gong cheng xue shu hui yi, Zhongguo ji xie gong cheng xue hui sheng chan gong cheng zhuan ye xue hui di 5 jie da hui lun wen ji, 1988 nian 9 yue 1 ri--7 ri yu Beijing. Beijing Shi, Ji xie gong ye chu ban she.

Zhou, W. (1995). Migration behaviour of dense nonaqueous phase liquids in water-saturated fractured rock.

Zhu, H. (1989). Finite element studies of the response of varied flexed discs to transverse penetration.

Zhu, Y. (1996). Feature extraction and 2D/3D object recognition using geometric invariants.

Ziai, A. (1982). Electrochemical measurements of transfer characteristics on rough surfaces and in disturbed rod clusters: 439 leaves, 3 leaves of plates.

Ziai, S. (1983). Turbulent natural convection in a large rectangular air cavity: 392 leaves, 16 leaves of plates.

Ziauddin, S. M. and A. M. S. Zalzala (1994). Distributed real-time adaptive control of mechanical arms with practical implementation. Sheffield, University of Sheffield. Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering.

Zidan, A.-S. A. (2003). Determination of post-yield properties from the small punch test. Liverpool, Thesis Ph.D.

Zietsman, J. F. W. (1982). Localised finite element formulations for ocean wave diffraction and radiation problems: 381 leaves.

Zima, S. (1987). Entwicklung schnellaufender Hochleistungsmotoren in Friedrichshafen. Dusseldorf, VDI Verlag.

Ziman, H. J. (1990). Computer prediction of chemically reacting flows in stirred tanks.

Zimmer George, F. (1917). Mechanical Handling of Material and its National Importance during and after the War. London, Lockwood & Son.

Zingoni, A. (1992). Bending-disturbance considerations in the axisymmetric response of non-shallow spherical shell structures.

Zingoni, A. (1997). Shell structures in civil and mechanical engineering: theory and closed-form analytical solutions. London, T. Telford Pub.

Zinich, M. S. (1984). Trudovoi podvig rabochego klassa v 1941-1945 gg.: po materialam otraslei mashinostroeniia. Moskva, Nauka.

Zintilis, G. M. (1981). Buckling of rotationally symmetric shells: 290 leaves, 2 leaves of plates.

Ziolkowski, J. C. (1984). Numerical study of strain rate effects on stress-strain response of soils: 350 leaves.

Ziver, A. K. (1981). Solution of the Boltzmann transport equation by finite elements: 211 leaves.

Zomaya, A. Y. (1992). Modelling and simulation of robot manipulators: a parallel processing approach. Singapore; London, World Scientific.

Zotos, J. (1977). Mathematical modeling of the chemical, mechanical, and physical properties of engineering alloys. Lexington, Mass, Lexington Books.

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